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  • My experience with Consolidated Clinical Trials and clinical research was positive because “I learned how to live with Diabetes with proper nutrition and exercise”
    -- Ernie, Pittsburgh

  • Regarding the research staff, “I was cared for promptly. The staff was friendly, kind, and interested in me as a person”
    --name withheld

  • My clinical research experience was positive because “it was my first time to participate in clinical research and I was surprised and pleased at how smoothly everything was handled”
    --Mary L, Pittsburgh

  • “I lowered my blood pressure with the help of Consolidated Clinical Trials. They supplied my medicine and made me more aware of my condition”, and that is how I benefited from being a study participant.
    -- Ellen, Pittsburgh

  • I benefited from being a study participant because “I learned more about diabetes and how to live with it than I might have otherwise. Because I had no prescription insurance, the medication and supplies saved me a great deal”
    Sandra, Pittsburgh



Top 50 Best Places Article

Pittsburgh, Pa.
Thursday, March 22, 2007

Consolidated Clinical Trials: My boss (and owner of Consolidated Clinical Trials), Suzanne Holbach, experienced the unpleasantness of the corporate workplace and pledged her company would be the antithesis of that bureaucratic environment. Suzanne is flexible, easy to give praise both in her actions and monetarily, and treats all of her employees with respect and genuine kindness. Consolidated Clinical Trials is a success because Suzanne is someone whom you want to work hard for, whom you never want to disappoint; and every employee feels a vested interest in making the next project even better. Suzanne and Consolidated Clinical Trials should be given the recognition that both deserve because she truly is an example to follow. -- Heather F.

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